Online Consultation – Intro

Welcome to the online consultation of the CERTIPILOT project!

CERTIPILOT is a Lifelong Learning project co-financed by the EU whose objective is the mutual recognition of maritime pilots’ qualifications acquired through vocational training, i.e. the training carried out after becoming a licensed pilot.

At European level there are common standards in relation to vocational training for all professions, both for the adjudication of credits to the training undertaken and for the identification of levels achieved after the completion of the training. These standards are the European Credits system for Vocational Training (ECVET) and the European Qualification Framework (EQF) respectively.

CERTIPILOT will apply for the first time such standards to vocational training and professional development of maritime pilots thus facilitating the mutual recognition of qualifications and contributing to upgrade the skills and knowledge of maritime pilots through a more effective training framework.

Finally, the CERTIPILOT model could also be used by pilots’ organisations as a decision-making tool to plan professional learning paths or to identify the training corresponding to a specific skill or competence to be enhanced.

CERTIPILOT particularly focuses on those competences needed for maritime pilots in relation to environmental protection and risk prevention in ports and passage areas.