Official launch of the Certipilot consultation period – 21.07.2012

Over 50 Maltese and international guests participated working in the pilotage or maritime sectors participated in the Certipilot international consultation event held at the Intercontinental Hotel, St. Julian’s Malta this morning.

The launch of the Certipilot consultation PeriodThe meeting marked the official opening of an online consultation period of two months. Persons working in the pilotage or maritime sector can participate in the online consultation period by filling this questionnaire. The questionnaire is part of the evaluation process necessary to achieve the objectives of quality, accountability and monitoring of the Certipilot project.

As a qualitative tool, this questionnaire will contribute to general purpose of the evaluation of the work carried out by Certipilot team. The questionnaire is related to technical competences of occupational standards for Maritime pilots ad the ECVET-EQF system.

In a short speech during the launch of the consultation period, the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Communication, Austin Gatt lauded the Certipilot Project which, he said, proves in a practical and tangible way the benefits of EU membership and a smart way of making use of the Lifelong Learning Programme.

“In this case, the availability of funds combined with the right idea have created an opportunity for professional development in a very specialised area which, in this case, will contribute to improved standards of service that should in return enhance the safety, efficiency and competitiveness of our ports.”

Certipilot paves the ground for mutual recognition of maritime pilots’ vocational training undertaken in all those countries, which will decide to adopt this system.

In a world where ports and nautical services need to constantly adapt to the demands of shipping, it is a very useful tool to understand not only which skills and competences need to be enhanced, but also what type of training needs to be developed.

Below please find the links to all the presentations:

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The Certipilot Online Consultation” Presentation by Dr Daniele Fantechi – Certipilot Project Manager